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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleepy Rebels Street Performers In "Magic Girl"

New York's Sleepy Rebels Premiered the first video on PopMatters for the band's song "Magic Girl," from the band's May release of their album "Yellow Tree." The video reveals the band as eccentric street performers in a remote town in an unknown history & geography. Sleepy Rebels are an über-catchy pop trio who offer a timeless formula of infectious melodies, memorable choruses, and an intriguing visual look, never something to discount the importance of in pop music.
The group is Jeremy Adelman along with siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll. Not surprising given their sound, the band has put forth "positivity" as the basis of their message and music. We could all probably use a bit of that just about now as the political wars in the US and around the world flame on and lingering recession is putting a damper on what could be happier times. "Magic Girl" perfectly encompasses this upbeat aesthetic and the video's producer, Powerful Company, has created a lovely depiction of the group as street performers in some vaguely 19th century setting.
Powerful Company will be releasing some breath-taking projects in 2011. Adelman and Balassa formed the company. The pair are a true mom & pop musical powerhouse who found great success handling original music production and composition for advertising including national campaigns for VW, Hulu, Jaguar, and JCPenney. Their desires to make music outside the confines of the corporate creative process lead them to establish Powerful Company whose establishing project is the development and marketing of Sleepy Rebels. The New York based trio, collaboration comprised of Adelman and siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll, have designs to re-establish the coolness of positive sentiments and ideals. "Yellow Tree" is the manifesto that soundtracks their rebellion!
Sleepy Rebels have the sunniest hooks you might ever hear in your life, and in the first months of 2011, they will unveil the first few projects created by this team of talent; they include three films that serve as music videos for Sleepy Rebels. Both surreal in nature, they are intended to establish the band with aesthetic & clever visual imagery & technique. Some artists have a sound which seems made to be heard on television. With songs such as "Magic Girl" that make any montage moment complete, that's exactly how we feel about Sleepy Rebels. You can hear them on "Private Practice," but believe me when I say it probably won't be the last time you hear their graceful notes on ABC.

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