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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Justin Timberlake trys to "Take Back the Night"

Justin Timberlake mixes dancing in the streets with a concert performance in his New York-inspired video for his sensual Disco track, "Take Back the Night," the lead cut to be lifted from his upcoming fourth studio album and the second volume of "The 20/20 Experience," due out September 30 through RCA Records. Timberlake, the pop music maverick and self-appointed legend of the summer, is pretty enthralling in itself and the horn-fueled new millennium disco tune lays down the right groove for Timberlake to entertain crowds all across the New York city that never sleeps.
"Take Back the Night," is a disco and R&B song that lyrically addresses a potential love interest as the 32-year-old singer sings of trying to woo a would-be lover and begging the object of his affection to join him on the dance floor. The track carries a sleek, rhythmic pop production with instrumentation consisting of stirring strings, percolating percussion horn stabs, thumping bass and waka-waka guitars. It also has a distinct Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" heavy disco vibe, and throwing back to soul's post-disco evolution, infusing dance floor rhythms with impeccable class.
Shortly after the song was released, the Take Back the Night Foundation, an anti-rape organization, expressed concerns about the similarities between the song's title and the organization's name. Timberlake apologized saying that he was unaware of the organization and has come forward to support them: "I wanted to take this opportunity to let all know that neither my song nor its lyrics have any association with the organization. As I've learned more about The Take Back The Night Foundation, I'm moved by its efforts to stop violence against women, create safe communities and encourage respectful relationships for women—Something we all should rally around."
Filmed in New York, the "Take Back The Night" video was directed by Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craen and Darren Craig and "harkens back to the days when nightlife ruled the city and beckons everyone within earshot that the night holds endless possibilities," according to a whimsical press release. In the video, Timberlake walks the streets of Chinatown and performs in a black-and-white outfit on the sidewalk, riding in a classic car during the night, have a dance-off with a smooth-moving little boy on the streets from Yankee Stadium to Chinatown before he walks into a club to throw some moves, while interspersed with live footage from his 'Legends of the Summer' world tour, which he is currently traveling on with Jay Z.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cassadee Pope debuts "Wasting All These Tears"

Cassadee Pope has released her debut music video for her debut country-rock track, "Wasting All These Tears," the lead single of Pope's upcoming untitled debut studio album, which slated for release in October via Republic Nashville. The Voice has proven more consistently entertaining than its competition, but the show has yet to produce any breakout stars from its winners' roster until Pope? We know she's no slouch in the vocal department and this tune gives 23-year-old singer a big, challenging melody to show off her range.
The Season 3 winner's new single "Wasting All These Tears," is an instantaneous monster of a pop-country midtempo ballad, delivering shades of Avril Lavigne's "I'm With You" with the melodramatic production of Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs." Lyrically, it's from the perspective of a wronged woman who has put herself through the wringer over a guy and has finally decided that it's time to get over him already, and it's magic - the details are finely wrought and the chorus melody soars majestically.
While enjoyable, "Wasting All These Tears" exemplifies the difference between a pop-country song and a country song performed by a pop singer. It’s clearly a modern melodramatic pop-country masterpiece, and there's nothing here that says that it couldn't crossover into the pop realm, something Pope and her label likely had in their minds all along. Still, despite the crossover nature of the track, Pope delivers a strong sense of attitude and connects with the lyrics and that's more than enough to suggest the birth of a potential star.
Filmed in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood by director Brian Lazzaro, the clip stays true to the song lyrics with the storyline based around surviving a painful discovery, swinging from carefree scenes of young love to the breathless moments of deceit. It’s basically glamor flashbacks to Pope and her ex boyfriend in a swing, really happy, but eventually, discovering her boyfriend cheating with a girl, which feels spectacularly anticlimactic. The clip then shows she performs with her band in a warehouse and ends with Pope sitting in a swing while the rain still falling. Throughout the video, Pope channels her frustration, anger, sadness, and strength at the camera, making an impressive music video debut!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Jonas Brothers make a splash for "First Time"

Jonas Brothers have always been known for their good-boy images, but they're taking some risks and have pulled out all the stops with a raging romp through Las Vegas in the party-powered clip for the pop rock band's latest mid-tempo cut, "First Time," the second single from brothers' upcoming fifth studio album, "V," which is scheduled for release this fall via Jonas Enterprises. The new video follows the high school football game-themed video for their lead single "Pom Poms" in March.
The summer beach-party winding-down anthem is an infinitely lush and understated production with big, gorgeous, lighters-up chorus with "Make it feel like the first time" echoes in the background. Sin City seems to be the perfect backdrop to their new song, which sounds more mature than their past hits. From hitting the casino like high rollers to rolling with the ladies in a poolside party and finally partaking in a hotel suite party, the boys are definitely looking all grown-up in comparison to their previous music videos, including their first single "Pom Poms."
Nick Jonas explained to MTV News why the brothers decided to follow up the album's lead single, "Pom Poms," with this song: "I think it felt right. It felt like the kind of song that people that weren't maybe as familiar with our music and maybe wouldn't have called themselves fans would respond positively to because it's so different for us, or, at least, I hope they will and it's one of my favorites, one of all of our favorites, I think from the minute we created it. So hopefully it's a positive reaction and it goes over great live. It's a big party when we play that song."
The video, which was shot during the band's rehearsals leading up to their performance at the 2013 Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, features footage of the sibling trio having fun at a raucous hotel pool party with friends, and being relatively wholesome as they soak in the sights of Sin City. Kevin and Joe party it up in casinos and hotel rooms while Nick, always the golden boy, works on new music since he's still one year shy of being legal. Kevin's wife Danielle Deleasa and their real-life pal, "That '70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama also makes an appearance in the video!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bastille unleashed "Things We Lost in the Fire"

Bastille have debut a typically cryptic video for their latest track, "Things We Lost in the Fire," the sixth single from British alternative band's debut studio-album, "Bad Blood," out in March. Bastille, the four-piece formed in 2010 began as a solo project by frontman Dan Smith, continue their reign as one of Britain's most exciting new bands. These boys have the midas touch right about now, and about time too. Everything they stand for has not only integrity but is well thought out and creatively polished.
There is no let up in the stellar run of single releases from Bastille one this years most talked about new bands, namely because debut album "Bad Blood" is a crafted indie pop factory of hits in its own right - hyped in parts by us tastemaking types but for the uppermost reason that Bastille do cut it good above the rest actually. Heading up the lead-in to the bands "Bad Blood Returns" tour this fall, the indie pop makers champion the eclectically enriched ballad "Things We Lost In The Fire" as their follow up single, which tells the story of a couple who watch the metaphor of their relationship burn and then sift through the ashes.
Smith is quite a fan of Film Director David Lynch's works, and has openly discussed how the styles and themes of his movies have influence the most recent video. With the cult influence of Lynch's works running through the fabric of this album, "Things We Lost In The Fire" doesn't dip out on a spot of Lynch-esque character served up in the accompanying video, which was directed by Naor Aloni, who weaves an intriguing crime story for Bastille's "Things We Lost In The Fire," which transitions smoothly between more naturalistic scenes and dark, dreamlike set-pieces. The director traveled to Lithuania to create this very opaque, almost Lynchian tale, packed with stunning images.
Featuring dark cryptic themes, and filmed against the dramatic horizons in desolate locations of Lithuania, the filmic promo follows a love story between lead singer and a mysterious girl, as he traversing through a dream full of symbolism and strong visual motifs. There seem to be multiple stories going on within the video, fragmented into different sections but all revolving around a car in the middle of the desert. The narrative jumps around considerably pivoting around a bullet in the desert, from a tense bit in a bar with a creepy girl who breaks the fourth wall to a road trip with all the ladz.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Icona Pop re-affirming friendship in "Girlfriend"

Swedish DJ synthpop duo Icona Pop has just dropped the music video for their second international single, "Girlfriend." To follow up the meteoric success of their breakout single "I Love It," the girls of Icona Pop is ready to set forth on their next electro-pop voyage and needed an equally huge sophomore single, presumably bigger than anything on their self-titled Swedish debut, and their new catchy track "Girlfriend" is as enormously infectious as you'd expect given that their recent collaborators have included Stargate, Benny Blanco and Shellback.
Just in time for summer, "Girlfriend" is the next roll-down-your-windows, put-your-hands-up ode to friendship and freedom, and it marks the beginning of the international promotion for the launch of their global debut album "This Is..." which the girls described as "almost done" in a Billboard interview last February and will released later this summer. It's easy to identify with Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt as they sing about going on adventures together and making it up as they go, but it's also, as usually, really easy to get down and jump around to their catchy, irresistible beats. The duo say this is a taste of what's to come and we're looking forward to the rest.
The track was produced by Stargate and finds the duo reaffirming their friendship. "All I need in this life of sin/Is me and my girlfriend!" The duo happily sing together on their latest track, which snatches its lyrics from the chorus of Tupac Shakur's 1996 track "Me and My Girlfriend," which was later sampled by Jay-Z and Beyoncé on "'03 Bonnie And Clyde." By using the late Los Angeles icon rhymes, these girlfriends rework the hook, changing "bloody" to "happy" for the Bonnie and Clyde-referencing "down to ride" portion. But the message is still the same. It's buried under pounding electropop, the foundation of this celebratory fizzy fist-pump of a song.
Directed by Mackash, the three-minute video for "Girlfriend" gives glimpses at the Swedish electro-pop duo riding their Mini car looking incredibly flawless through deserted roads, town and villages, and stepping off of it to search a train they can hop on. They are then seen boarding a moving freight train and end up performing their female friendship anthem on top of the roof while in motion. Icona Pop also give the music video an extra dose of excitement by performing "Girlfriend" in a room filled with light effects. It's simple and perfect for an anthem of their love.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Asher Monroe keeps relationship on "Hush Hush"

Asher Monroe has dropped the brand new music video for his catchy new single, "Hush Hush." The 24-year-old singer, signed to D Empire Entertainment, is gearing up to release his debut album, reportedly 99 percent done, is due out this September. The former V Factory R&B/Pop boyband member went solo 2011, and has released seven singles already, even though "Here With You," was first official radio single and debuted on MTV Buzzworthy, landed Monroe the title as one of MTV's Top 10 Artists to Watch.
Secret romances can be really hot, and Monroe's new song "Hush, Hush" totally captures that exhilaration! Co-penned with Alon Levitan, the urban pop smash, tells the story of a relationship being kept secret from the world, is a bit R&B and a lot of pop, which is what we like to hear! It's all about a secretive fling-Monroe sings "You're my dirty little secret/There ain’t no need for kiss and tell" and wants to keep the relationship "on the hush-hush." The up-and-coming pop star has a standout vocal performance throughout the pop-rock jam, sounding almost Usher-esque that will totally make you want to get up and dance!
Originally, Monroe envisioned a more abstract fantasy theme for his "Hush Hush" video, but after meeting with Oscar-award winning director Danis Tanovic, he liked some of the ideas Tanovic presented to him and they reached a compromise! The final product is that of a more literal concept of "dirty little secret." Monroe explained, "Filming in Bosnia was an amazing experience that came about all thanks to Diana Jenkins, the mastermind entrepreneur and record label head who's propelled my solo career on every front. Danis pulled in his top-notch team. The overall feel and energy on set was simply magic. Danis and I worked extremely well together and we are both super proud of the final product."
The clip features Monroe making flirty eyes with a hot girl who just so happens to be driving the largest hefty dumper truck we've ever seen. Monroe follows his love interest, and next thing you know, he ends up in an abandoned warehouse where he continues to search for his lady. It sees him trying to catch up with his 'dirty little secret,' chasing her through a factory and into the showers. It's not as creepy as it sounds... promise! A few spontaneous rain showers later, and he is fallen for a new girl, this time a damsel in a Volkswagen Beetle. So, what does he do? Monroe hops on his motorcycle and embarks on his next lady-centric adventure.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bonnie McKee enjoys summer in "American Girl"

Bonnie McKee is finally back and glories in all the summer silliness and sexiness you can imagine with an official super-sweet mash-up video for her insanely catchy Dr. Luke-produced pure pop song, "American Girl," the lead single from California-born McKee's upcoming yet-to-be-titled sophomore studio album, to be released in September. The song was the first single released by McKee in 9 years since the 2004 single "Somebody." It is also her first material released by Epic Records; previously, she was signed by Reprise Records.
McKee is better known for the hits that she's penned for such leading pop stars as Katy Perry ("California Gurls"), Taio Cruz ("Dynamite"), and Britney Spears ("Hold It Against Me"). So with all the contact numbers McKee must have on her phone, it was of no surprise that she recruited a galaxy of famous faces to appear in the song's promotional lip-sync viral video, which was released to YouTube on June 26. The 29-year-old talented young actress/writer managed to manufacture an official video even more amazing than the first and it's great to see her soak up some spotlight for herself!
McKee described the track as a "summer banger" with "big, splashy, colorful lyrics." It is such an 'instant,' and radio-friendly song, and it feels and sounds like McKee's perfect 'debut single.' She also explained that the music video was inspired by the film Spring Breakers: "We steal a car, go to the mall and other American stuff. I also dance a lot. It was really bright visuals and colorful pictures and that's kind of what I wanted to do was give my fans a glimpse into my head and what my life was like as a teenager growing up in America. I wanted to give my own American experience."
Directed by Justin Francis, the candy-colored clip follows McKee, who's taking over the spotlight with her off the chain orange creamsicle-colored hair, and her friends as they make the most of a summer day on the curb drinking Slurpees while invading a 7-eleven for some free stuff, flirting with boys, taking a mall by storm, sunbathing by the pool, and getting turnt up at a house party at night, complete with plastic water toys and tons of skimpy bikini action. But the fun's not over yet: Once their pool time is up, the gals steal a car from a muscular, tatted-up man and proceed to live out their "Teenage Dream" one summer day at a time. Nothing ground-breaking here. The video is fun, vibrant, entertaining, and everything it needs to be in order to match the song, and actually making us 'get' into the song more.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kelly Rowland confesses past in "Dirty Laundry"

Kelly Rowland has released the brave new video for her uber-emotional and personal confessional song, "Dirty Laundry," the second single from Rowland's latest fourth studio album, "Talk a Good Game." The personal ballad is an emotional one for the Destiny's Child alum as a musical confessional, in which the singer discusses a past abusive relationship and has had to set the record straight openly and confesses to being jealous of her friend and former bandmate Beyoncé's major solo success.
"Dirty Laundry" is a R&B ballad, built around R&B jam spools and a piano-led melody. It details a frank and often poignant commentary on the Rowland's life, particularly focusing on her time following the release of her debut album, "Simply Deep," in 2002. The phrase 'dirty laundry' is used to describe someone's secrets that they don't want anyone to find out about. The track was penned by The-Dream, who compiled the lyrics from different personal stories that Rowland shared, is constructed in chapters, each detailing a different part of Rowland's life.
After tossing Beyoncé into her dirty laundry, the songstress then proceeds to detail a relationship with a verbally and physically abusive boyfriend. who drove a wedge between her and Beyoncé. The track is raw and pulls heavily at the heartstrings and the chorus illustrates that she has been long longing to 'air her dirty laundry' for a while. Rowland's voice drips with a hard-earned wisdom, the kind that only crystallizes after processing dark things and coming out the other side bearing the scars of experience."
The Sarah McColgan-directed dark video is the perfect, tear-soaked catharsis that the song itself deserves. It shows off Rowland in a vulnerable state, as she dines with her abusive (ex) boyfriend before singing in a chair and lying in the fetal position in a pool of water, while the 32-year-old R&B singer began crying and confessing the lyrics of the song. The clip ends with what could be a hopeful moment: Rowland staring into a mirror, facing her own reflection and processing the pain. A pretty simple, yet powerful visual.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Direction debuts "Best Song Ever" video

The members of the British-Irish boy band One Direction are taking their career in another direction - acting in their just-released brand-new video for the memorable modern-pop classic, "Best Song Ever," the lead single of the group's upcoming third studio album, "Where We Are," and it also will be featured in the group's"This Is Us" 3D biopic, which will hit theaters on August 30. The video, which the band has been hyping on social media, is characteristically goofy, and it looks like they aren't quite themselves.
The five guys of One Direction serve up some serious attitude on pop-rock anthem about one epic evening. "Best Song Ever" is a straight up pop-rock affair with a heavy emphasis on guitars, expectedly cheeky lines and progressively layered synth intro reminiscent of The Who's "Baba O'Riley." The song is another impossibly catchy tune to add into One Direction's arsenal, although with lyrics more nostalgic than the group's previous singles. It may not be the best song ever, but One Direction's latest single is a youthful celebration with flirty, fluffy, fun and certainly a contender for one of the year's more exciting releases.
The video's director, Ben Winston, says the video is really about something else - celebrating who the guys are, while also paying homage to their new film: "The film that we've made 'This Is Us' is really the boys' story, and it's not trying to make them anything they're not. And that's what's incredible about One Direction, I think, is that they are a boy band that break all the rules and always do what they want to do," Winston told MTV News on Monday (July 22), the same day that the video premiered, which takes fans inside a terrible pitch meeting with the fivesome, where they face off against their Hollywood-based alter egos.
In the highly anticipated video, the boys rise to the challenge as they mess up their hairdos with funny costumes and over-the-top characters a la Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor. Although the video eventually breaks into the sharply choreographed, colorful clip that fans probably expected, a good three-fourths of it takes place in a slick Hollywood movie studio office. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson play slimy executives while Zayn Malik plays a sexy lady, Harry Styles plays it up as a marketing guy and Liam Payne as a zany choreographer named Leeroy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Karmin splash color and '90s vibe into "Acapella"

Karmin, the definitely-maybe-soon-to-be-married pop duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, brings a whole lot of attitude and swag to their new video for the sassy kiss-off anthem, "Acapella." which marks the debut single from the pop duo's upcoming solo full-length debut, "Pulses," is due in September on Epic Records. The video in particular is a bit of a new experience for two group members, who started out on YouTube without elaborate sets and backup dancers to go along with their singing in a variety of bright and bold colors.
"Acapella," co-written by the duo, along with Sam "S*A*M" Hollander, while production duties were handled by Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson, is a song about gaining your independence from dudes who are duds. Thematically, it could be this decade's answer to 'Single Ladies,' without being quite so anthemic and obvious. The song itself is a mix of human voices with limited instrumentation. "'Acapella' was created almost exclusively with human voices," says Heidemann. Over a booming bass line, she raps about finding Mr. Right and realizing he wasn't so perfect after all. The song's incredibly catchy beat matches perfect with the video's '90s feel..
Directed by Matt Stawski, the visuals of the music video were inspired by 90's music videos the group grew up watching, mostly drawn from director Hype Williams, and artists such as Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, TLC, Brandy and Destiny's Child. The twosome said of the concept: "The video for 'Acapella' is visually something we've always wanted to put out. Our first few major label videos didn't totally capture who Karmin is. It feels good to create something like this where we are at the helm and can really be proud of. The video definitely plays homage to the 90's videos we grew up with and are still inspired by today."
The Hype Williams-inspired clip sees the Boston-based pop duo is taking it back to the old school, and rock red, blue and green color-coordinated outfits and accessories while performing a sequence of choreographed moves in front of a red Mercedes SLS, and features their usual quirky sense of fashion and humor, showing them at one point - sans music - pulling a piece of bread out of a toaster with a dollar sign in the middle of it. Noonan tosses it to Heidemann, who then takes a big bite out of it, and the beat comes back as they continue to dance. Step into their colorful world below.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Victoria Justice aims to win her crush in "Gold"

Victoria Justice has released the joyous and glossy music video for her debut solo single, the uber-catchy pop track "Gold," the lead single taken from her forthcoming debut album that's scheduled for release later this year via Columbia Records. The Nickelodeon star's absurdly likable new single "Gold" got an equally charming video treatment as she croons her sugary-sweet melody on the hood of a car, before showering her love interest with golden glitter and switching into a pair of sassy leather pants.
The 20-year-old Florida-bred singer-actress rose to tween idol status after starring roles in Nickelodeon shows like "Zoey 101" and "Victorious," honing her singing chops on the show's soundtracks. As Justice preps her post-"Victorious" music career, she feels this track not only sets the tone for her album, but has just enough mass appeal to keep all of her fans listening. "I think it's a song that appeals to all ages. And it is, like, a little bit edgier and a little more mature, but not anything that was going to turn off younger fans as well," the chanteuse said.
Co-produced by The Struts, Peter Thomas, and Jay Vic, the upbeat fun song "Gold" is a one of those bubblegum, happy pop love songs that sticks in your head and kind of improves your mood. The track, perfectly encapsulates the empowering message Justice is hoping to spread on her in-the-works debut album. "From the moment I heard it, I just thought it was a really fun, catchy pop song, and I also liked how it came from a place of female empowerment," she told MTV News about the song, on which the former "Victorious" star tells her crush to "man up" because she's gold and he should make a move.
Justice has gone from victorious to golden in the Young Wonder-directed pink-hued "Gold" visual, which is not very high-budget but it's cute and expresses well the vibe and the fun of the song. Decked out in glamorous little dresses, the former "Victorious" star shows off a sassier, flirtier side in the video, which features "Teen Wolf" and "Arrow" star Colton Haynes as her love interest. They flirt in a vintage car, dance around a pretty sweet vintage car and twirl near said vintage car. Haynes even does a great job of pretending he's into it when Justice blows a bunch of gold sparkles all over his face.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Selena Gomez takes a relationship "Slow Down"

Selena Gomez gets hot and heavy while showcasing her sultry, grown-up style as she conquers Paris in the leaked brand spanking new video for her dance-dubstep new single, "Slow Down," the second single from the 20-year-old starlet's forthcoming solo debut studio album, "Stars Dance," which is set to be released on Tuesday (July 19), one day after the Spring Breaker actress will turn 21. The former Disney star is seen in full-on starlet mode rocking trademark scarlet lips and sensuous dance moves to her up-tempo banger.
Produced by The Cataracs, "Slow Down," is a high-octane, uptempo dance-pop, slickly produced, stylish and EDM song, that has been described as wobbly club thumper. It features various dubstep influences, a little funk guitar twang that's lovely and a dubsteppy chorus and middle eight, but mostly it's that pounding four-on-the-floor beat pushing throughout that works marvelously. The best moment is a spoken-word bit at the end that's too lovely to spoil. Lyrically, the song speaks of taking a relationship slowly rather than rushing into things.
"Can we take it nice and slow, slow/ Break it down and drop it low, low/ Cause I just wanna party all night in the neon lights 'til you can let me go," sings Gomez, who recorded this dubstep-influenced track to remind herself how important it is to live in the moment. "It's basically just about having this moment and not having to rush it, because I don't know how many times I've been like, 'I just want to be married and over this,' but this is what we're supposed to be enjoying," she revealed to MTV News.
Filmed last May in Paris, the "Slow Down" visual shows Gomez loving night time in the City of Lights. It opens with the night scenery around Eiffel Tower. After inexplicably taking a mysterious ride through the streets of Paris in a vintage Mercedez Benz, she walks fiercely in boots and does a sexy strut down a cobblestone street and ends up in a club flanked by an array of hunky dancers performs a choreography in a neon-lit room, where she just lets loose and lives while she's young or whatever, and forgets about all her problems by fist-pumping and just 'letting go' on the dance floor.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lana Del Rey has another "Summertime Sadnes"

Lana Del Rey has teamed up with French DJ Cedric Gervais for a dance remix of her haunting trip hop ballad "Summertime Sadness," her biggest chart debut yet from 27-year-old Indie pop singer's debut set "Born To Die," which has seen huge success since its release in January of last year, is one of those rare albums that just keeps feeling fresher as time goes by. The glamorous and classy songstress is currently working on her sophomore studio collection to be distributed under her Lana Del Rey guise.
No one knows what it's like to experience that "Summertime Sadness" quite like Del Ray. The gloomy cut is Del Ray at her most head down and the pouty title alone drew giggles at Del Ray's Bowery gig, but the lovelorn ballad itself proves to be one of the more durable tracks here even if its lyrics start to get redundant. But even though there is a palpable damaged girl in her raspy voice, she commands attention with her lazy delivery. Now, “Summertime Sadness” is climbing the charts due to a new house remix by Gervais, who transforms Del Ray's lachrymose original into a dancefloor stomper, and now there's a video to match, a tale of lesbian love and broken hearts!
An accompanying video for the house remix of "Summertime Sadness," is another vintage home video-styled clip and shows Del Ray as a ride or die chick with actresses, Jaime King and performing the song through a series of vintage and colorful filters. Exactly a year after the original "Summertime Sadness" video's release. The new clip was directed by King's husband, Kyle Newman, shot using a retro, blown-out camera filter, and features cut-up footage of Del Ray and suicidal lesbian lover, King, laughing and smiling together in the beautiful summer weather. Eventually, however, things turn sour and after a teary-eyed fight in a car and some incredibly despondent faces, Del Ray jumps off a cliff and plunges to her demise.
Later, we learn that King has done the exact same thing. It's debatable whether or not the two reunite in a bizarre afterlife filled with coral-colored smoke, but it seems unlikely, as the clip closes with an image of Del Ray and her ghost walking alone down an empty road. Sad, sad times. It's just stitched together with familiar glitchy footage of Del Ray in her conventional Tumblrwave style from the original video, but it's still a nice visual accompaniment; the euphoric house production contrasts with the melancholy aesthetic in that way that feels quintessentially Del Ray and, well, if nothing else, the track is straight fire.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Demi Lovato sings love being "Made in the USA"

Demi Lovato celebrates unbreakable American romance in her just-dropped military themed music video for her frothy, airy, top down summer anthem, "Made in the USA" and it's a heart touching and steamy story of young love, and their romance from first meeting to him being sent off to war. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter and actress also made her directorial debut in this heartwarming music video for "Made in the USA," the second single from the pop singer's flaw-free self-titled fourth studio album, "Demi," in stores since May 14 via Hollywood Records.
Produced too by The Suspex, the uptempo pop rock "Made in the USA," that celebrates an everlasting American romantic relationship. Lyrically, this patriotic love song is inspired by "American romantic love stories" dating back to the 1930s. "It's like our love was made in the USA," co-writer Jason Evigan explained. The updates were inspired by Lovato's real-life experiences, making it a personal track for the singer. "This song is 100 per cent real to Demi now," said Evigan. "During the session, I can't say what, there was definitely some talk going on. She was talking about how this relates to her life in certain ways, all about her love being made in the USA. She owned it. She freestyled it out and made it awesome."
"Made in the USA," is the right comparison of bubblegum fun and Lovato's overpowering pipes, and kind of very reminiscing to the vibe going on in Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" hit, where Lovato pours her emotions out singing very catchy lyrics, and a potent chorus to her boyfriend about how amazing and patriotic their love is. As for its new video, is much more expansive and plot-driven, with Lovato serving as the chorus for a love tale as wholesome as apple pie. As she explained during a 'behind-the-scenes' interview the storyline was something like; "a couple who meet at a carnival, and fall head over heels in love."
Time moves loosely in the dreamy visual, playing out like a series of memories. The epic patriotic love story was narrated by the stunning pop star herself, 90210's Dustin Milligan who plays a soldier separated from his girlfriend, former Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden and they meet at the fairgrounds and fall head-over-heels in love with each other, which includes "The Notebook"-inspired steamy kisses in the rain. Soon after, they're separated when Milligan goes off to fight in war. Watch the dramatic tribute to American love and a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love below. It's just beautiful and uplifting!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fifth Harmony get over exes in "Miss Movin' On"

One surefire way of getting over a breakup: going to an amusement park with your best friends, forget about their exes and ceremoniously destroying all evidence of your past relationship, of course! Our favorite "X Factor USA" third place winners, Fifth Harmony, currently beguiling scores of pop music fans, presents this highly enjoyable option for flipping the deuces to the past in the music video for girlband's debut single, "Miss Movin' On." Watch the former X Factor quintet flawlessly hit their harmonies while looking ultra-fab in the video to this summertime jam!
One year after auditioning as individuals for Fox's reality competition The X Factor, girl group Fifth Harmony is poised to release their forthcoming debut album, which is slated to drop this fall. The empowering very radio-friendly break-up pop anthem "Miss Movin' On" was unveiled last month as the lead single. Like the song (think Demi-Lovato-meets-Little-Mix, in the best way) the Hannah Lux Davis-directed video is energetic, fun and kinda like the expectation scenario for how we'd handle a recent breakup, carnival-style, a super-fun night out even if the reality would be closer to clutching our tear-soaked, life-sized Austin Mahone cutout on the log flume.
If it feels like Fifth Harmony's first official music video has been a long time coming, that's probably because it has: The X Factor songbirds have done more than their share of live performances, but their proper, fancy-lookin' clip for "Miss Movin' On" is true to the track's title and more than does them justice as a bona fide girl group. Camila, Lauren, Ally Brooke, Normani and Dinah Jane obviously understand that literally all good pop videos happen at the fairground, 'cause they've been hanging out on the bumper cars and giving some serious popstar face by the waltzers.
The primary narrative sees the girls during a day at the theme park as they generally move on. After tearing up photos, and getting rid and throw to the floor clothes that belonged to them, as well as changing their Facebook statuses to 'Single' at the venue entrance, the 5H ladies will go spend a phenomenal day at the fair. Winning teddy bears, eating pop corn, riding bumper cars, or getting on the big wheel, the girls are taking this fair by storm. But when all five of the girls stand before microphones, they look exceptional together. For those of us who followed their journey from the beginning of The X Factor, seeing them that way is a particular delight.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Calvin Harris has unveiled "Thinking About You"

Calvin Harris has just released the raunchy music video for "Thinking About You," a dance-pop collaboration with Jordanian singer Ayah Marar, that serves as the eighth and final single from the Scottish producer and DJ's No.1 third studio album, "18 Months." The 29-year-old DJ producer extraordinaire teams up once again with up-and-coming vocalist Marar (from "Flashback") on "Thinking About You," which is a signature Harris retro-house track with a dizzying build up and light summer beats. Another week, another music video walking the fine line between blatant nudity and art.
Directed by Vincent Haycock in Los Angeles, the clip captures the smooth hidden house track's fun dance vibe perfectly as it whisks you away to an island full of adventure, exotic scenery, and a party that seem to exist only in dreams. Or kind of like the movie that agent 007 would be seen at. Instead of using the women front and center, Haycock punctuates the storyline of excesses gone amok in Harris' video with the odd topless girl walking through a mansion, a couple having sex on a private jet, punches being thrown by two troubled young men, some lesbian action, and poor Marar getting her yacht hijacked by a group of armed pirates.
Chock-full of Gatsby style extravagance and nudity, the explicit clip follows numerous seemingly unconnected story lines, taking viewers everywhere from a mile high club venture to a boat heist in the middle of the ocean. To advance the story lines, Haycock also throws in pirates, a fist fight, a private jet and a drug-fueled party set in a European castle. Opening in the kind of mansion you think of when picturing 90s hip hop videos, "Thinking About You" spends the better part of its initial minute following a scantily clad model through her luxurious abode. She eventually drops her top, revealing her breasts, and the scene then jumps to a separate scene involving two bikini-clad gals on a boat.
As the video goes on, the energetic music backs a tale of high seas hijacking, cocaine parties, and additional shots of mansion life that feels more dreamlike than anything else. It's far more entertaining than the vast majority of videos released as of late, but what's most surprising is how even in the midst of all the action mentioned above the song is what stands out as the true highlight. "Thinking About You" is a bonafide hit, and after this track reaches radio it will be inescapable.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mumford & Sons performing their "Babel" track

Mumford & Sons get repetitive and the formula works as they deliver another energetic performance in the music video for their new single "Babel," title track and the fourth single from English indie folk rock band's sophomore album, which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. No surprises, just more singalong anthems for fair-weather festival-goers. It's a beautiful twist on a performance video and one that captures the passion and enthusiasm frontman Marcus Mumford, pianist Ben Lovett, banjo player Winston Marshall and bassist Ted Dwane all bring to their playing.
Mumford & Sons' folk-tinged, banjo-plucking austerity indie has made them rich and successful beyond their wildest dreams. And "Babel" bowls along with the ebullient energy one expects of Mumford & Sons, like a cider-soused hoedown at an after-hours lock-in. They are the epitome of a Marmite band, vilified for their privileged background and narrow vision of folk music, celebrated for their spit'n'sawdust energy and biblical framing of love. "Babel," is more than just a decent nu-folk album, but also a great pop album, will only entrench these positions. They manage to play loudly and boisterously, without ever making the descent into cacophony.
The title-track, a mandolin stomp-thrash, opens proceedings with Mumford claiming "I ain't ever lived a year better spent in love." This seems to serve as a conceptual thread for the album as a whole, as successive songs track the turbulent progress of his heart. The title-track was named after the Genesis story about the origin of different languages. String bassist and guitarist Ted Dwayne told Rolling Stone that the song speaks about human discontent, one of the themes of the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel.
Though the title-track forcefully kicks-open the door to their Grammy-winning No.1 album, the new clip settles for an intimate and stripped-down atmosphere. Shot in San Francisco, the Sam Jones-directed black-and white clip sees the folk-rock quartet on an infinite loop, with each pouring his entire body into the music on every glimpse, performing the song in a derelict music hall, while a camera swirls around in a circle to catch them over and over again in different aspects of performance mode. Despite no audience, Mumford & Sons play with enough ferocity and stomping to tear down the metaphorical walls and sings about in the bridge of the track. It shows just how unending their cycle truly is, and well, it works on an entirely different level.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nicki Minaj leaving Mario for "somebody else"

Love gets messy. Really messy. And that's clear in Mario's new video for his new collaboration track, "Somebody Else," the lead single from his upcoming fifth studio album, "Restoration," the years-in-the-making record will be released in September. The smooth R&B track, featuring vocals from rapper Nicki Minaj, has pop influences and finds Mario mourning the tragic end of a relationship, with his significant other leaving him for "somebody else."
For over a decade, Mario, the the 26-year-old Contemporary R&B singer-songwriter from Baltimore, has delivered blazing R&B-hip hop jams, but hasn't released an album since 2009's "D.N.A." Since then, Mario has dealt with personal drama, a shifting genre and a flat, non-starter of a single (2011's "The Walls"). Now, he's plotting a comeback, or more accurately, trying to find his place in the current-day R&B scene. He's taking a step forward with his latest single, "Somebody Else."
The why-did-you-leave-me track was produced by Polow Da Don and features a fittingly serious Minaj guest verse, as Mario sings of heartbreak when his girl leaves for another dude. But he needed a feisty female to help make the track "timeless, special and relatable," and he knew the perfect one: Minaj. If this comeback is for real, Mario seems to be recruiting the right players for the moment. Baltimore singer laments his flighty lady in new single. "I knew Nicki would the best for a female rebuttal," he says. "She's relatable, but very rebellious."
"How would you have learned if I ain't leave?" Mario and Minaj reflect on a love they once had in the Alexandre Moors-directed clip for "Somebody Else." As a couple who has an argument about their relationship, the two stars bring the line, "Looking at my new man, wish it was you but you dead now" to life as Mario lies lifeless and lying unconscious on top of a totaled car on the street, scorn and heartbroken on this rather infectious record, and it eventually becomes clear that he was pushed from the window of a skyscraper by his angry girlfriend Minaj.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Priyanka Chopra back as an "Exotic" beach babe

Bollywood actress-turned-singer Priyanka Chopra flaunted a curvy figure in a skin-colored swimsuit and looks super sexy in a swimsuit in the brand new music video for her high-energy dance track, "Exotic," which is her second international single, following her debut international single "In My City" featuring with Will.i.am, and just dropped on Tuesday, July 9. Meanwhile, Chopra has other reasons to feel "Exotic." The track featuring American rapper Pitbull, is topping the charts. The song has already secured the first position on the iTunes library of India.
Chopra is already a superstar in India but she has now has her sights set on the lucrative US market. And she isn't taking any chances. The catchy track has a fitting title because, between the Cuban-American rapper and his gorgeous Indian goddess, they really are a deliciously exotic duo! "The song is called 'Exotic' so I wanted to keep it just that," the 30-year-old Bollywood queen recently told The Wall Street Journal as for why they shot in South Beach, Florida. "It's very dance-heavy, and in India, that's what we do in all of our movies, so it definitely has an Indian flavor to it."
Chopra has made quite a splash and not only does the beauty, who won the Miss World crown in 2000 before becoming a successful actress, have Mr. Worldwide Pitbull on the hot track, she also enlisted the help of mega-producer RedOne. As a result, "Exotic" sounds custom-made for radio. Chopra explained: "Together they helped me create a hot and sexy summer anthem that I am so proud of! This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to share this song and the rest of the album with you!"
Shot in Miami, the clip reflects her confidence and sex appeal, and features a bikini-clad Chopra frolicking in the waves and singing the verses in English with a few lines of Hindi lyrics to the song thrown in, giving it a Bollywood touch. The raven-haired goddess also showing off her dance moves and gives Ash a run for her money in flesh-toned swimsuits, glittery mini dresses, crop tops and a slamming beach body. What's surprising is that everything about the video - right from the locales, shots, lyrics, dance steps - seems amateurish. While Chopra has all the reason to get exotic, we wonder what Pitbull is up to as he tries to keep up with the Bollywood actress.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Britney Spears gets all Smurfy with "Ooh La La"

After teasing fans about the release of the music video for her lead "The Smurfs 2" soundtrack, "Ooh La La" for weeks, the clip for the new Britney Spears single finally debuted Thursday at noon. The 31-year-old songstress looks as gorgeous as ever. The kid-friendly track is a bright, sunshiny pop jam that perfectly caters to "The Smurfs 2" demographic, and as for the animated flick, it follows the Smurfs team after they team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by Gargamel, will hits theaters on July 31.
Being vintage Spears with an oddly folksy pop-tart twist, Dr. Luke-produced catchy synthpop track is a sweet, slight, little love song that is about loving someone for their true blue self. The sweet spot of sugary synth-pop begins as a pure pop song mixed with electronica. The song then transitions seeing Spears speak-singing, Kesha style, over an electroclash beat. This is followed by an acoustic-guitar-driven section which is a fluffy, retro pop similar to Madonna in the early 1980s. "Ooh La La" contains a compelling breakdown that is full of scrambled vocals and dense beats. Spears' whimsical vocals contain catchy ditty layers.
Spears keeps it cute and simple in the Marc Klasfeld-directed Smurf-tastic new clip, which opening with a movie theater scene where Spears and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline are seeing movie "The Smurfs 2," Spears tells her sons, "Watch, this is the best part!" The evil wizard of the film, Gargamel, then zaps Spears with a bolt of electricity into the movie screen standing in the middle of smurf village, backed by a bevy of the little blue guys. The pop princess is shocked, but her boys think it is "cool."
What follows is four minutes of adorable family fun. Wearing a flirty crimson dress, Spears sings upbeat pop tune with the Smurfs in an enchanted mushroom forest. She stands surrounded by the three-apple tall creatures, holds Smurfette in her palm and crouches singing directly to the Smurfs, while we also see scenes of the Smurfs' latest adventure including footage of our pint-sized heroes beating up on a Gargamel piñata; their nemesis zapping folks in a theater and turning one unfortunate fellow into a duck and a hilarious sequence in a candy store in which the Smurfs get into all kinds of trouble.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Natalia Kills gets personal on "Saturday Night"

Natalia Kills gets painful and sexy at once with a new video for her autobiographical number, "Saturday Night," which serves as the official second single from her upcoming sophomore studio album, "Trouble," due for release in September 3rd. Painfully sexy, the clip is simple in design yet says so much at the same time and portrays her family issues in a glamorous yet gloomy light as we see the 26-year-old bra-free dance-pop songstress was living every scene and vivid lyric, strolling through a townhouse past scenes of domestic violence and drug abuse.
Kills has tended toward bad girl posturing with songs like "Problem" and "Controversy," but there's a beating heart at the core of her latest single, "Saturday Night," that makes it the best thing she's done this era. over a propulsive synth line straight out of 1983 and hard-hitting drum machine, Kills details her troubled teenage days and pouring her heart out in the lyrics in which she shares with us fans difficult moments she had to go through brought on by family issues like witnessing domestic violence at home. The electro-pop track is dreamy in production but real in lyricism as Kills sings about going out dancing to escape her home. Her hopefulness for something better, though, outlines the tune's powerful chorus.
The song is tough to listen and must have been hard for Kills to record, as it's her most personal song yet, but in the end, that's what makes the song so powerful, and amazing. The personal track receives a just as personal video, which is appropriately dark, very artistic, pretty eerie, tormented and personal. Past videos have seen Kills toying with edgy themes in a way that feels self-conscious or tongue-in-cheek, but the domestic violence and self-harm in the video for "Saturday Night" are rendered sincerely, and with a sensitivity that must have been tough to maintain amidst all the cinematic melodrama.
Kills and director G tried all they could to bring life to the story of the song into a emotional visual, and presenting a horrifying vision of domestic violence in a uncomfortably glamorous setting. The final moments are quite simplistic, but meaningful anyway, and make use of real childhood footage of Kills and her family, suggesting that there's some truth to the fictional narrative at the front end of the video. If so, it makes the video feel all the more haunting - but more than that, it tells the viewer something very personal about Kills, who always felt more like a series of postures than an artist who was relatable on a human level. As with the song, the video makes her truly vulnerable. It's the smartest career move she's made.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MS MR perform "Think of You" in a retro TV show

MS MR have returned to the small screen via their media-critiquing brilliant VHS-themed video for "Think of You," the latest cut to be lifted from the alt-pop group's debut album, "Secondhand Rapture." The promotional cycle behind Brooklyn pop group MS MR's "Secondhand Rapture" apparently started many years ago on public access television, at least according to the retro-styled "Think of You" video, which seems to have a particularly intense effect on a little boy who is watching. MS MR are definitely spoiling their fans with such an unbeatable flow of impressive releases - this time.
The love-spurned New Yorkers' dark, entrancing debut album, "Secondhand Rapture," had its share of deceptively epic moments, but the chorus on the get-over-him track "Think Of You" may be the album's most grand pop gesture. Now the song has gotten the video treatment, and while it's not as unsettling as the videos for duo's previous singles, "Hurricane" and "Fantasy," it's just as visually arresting and off-kilter. "Think Of You," finds some middle ground between the bizarre and the nostalgic: public access television has never looked so neon.
Directed by BRTHR, the accompanying music video that starts off pretty tame and transitions into a colorful splash of vintage madness and it includes one flaming keyboard, one creepy little kid, and one guy with a TV for a head smashing a TV. The clip finds a young boy spending his afternoon in front of a dial-driven TV set, peeping pastiches to Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting, spandex-heavy fitness programs and even a headbanging send-up of Wayne's World. Also on the menu is a televised performance of MS MR's new, or is it old, single.
We're brought back to old-school public TV as they perform on what looks like an 80's VHS-era game show. vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow performing the venom-spewing kiss-off tune on a retro television's fictional talk show. The young boy watches from his living room before he's literally sucked into the TV to enjoy the song in the flesh, becoming one with the colorful, trippy, VHS-like short. The whole thing has a David Lynch-meets-Tim and Eric feel. If you've been missing the old days, you'll be pleased. Watch the video below to see how well the song and setup actually work together. You can give it a peep down below.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yuna moseys through a nice day in "I Wanna Go"

Fresh off the release of her "Sixth Street" EP this past May, the Malaysian-bred indie soul singer Yuna returns as she enjoys the sunny California weather and adds a scenic, playful, summery visual interpretation to the Pharrell-backed artist's album opener "I Wanna Go." The spirit of untainted romance is beautifully captured in "I Wanna Go" video from skating the streets, to prancing in gardens, and walking on the beach, Yuna follows her photographer boyfriend wherever the day takes them, she reinterprets her upbeat summer ballad atop a bed of vibrant images, vintage photography and blissful Californian landscapes.
The 26-year-old highly regarded songbird is an artist we have been keenly following for several years now, and, along with us, she has captivated many in the music biz including the likes of Billboard, MTV, SPIN and Russell Simmons with her thoughtful, life-affirming songwriting and enchanting voice. Her sweet, unique and gently beautiful voice and effortless style offering up the confession that regardless of any trepidation in the face of that which is unfamiliar, she is willing to go wherever with that special someone.
The upbeat breezy summer ballad is accompanied by an equally playful aesthetic, which highlights Yuna being followed around by a certain male companion. This song encapsulates when precious moments are met with sweet melodies. It doesn't get much more summery than Yuna's new video for "I Wanna Go." Yuna croons sweet melodies as she moseys through a perfectly relaxed day, alternately skateboarding, painting, and running through flowery fields without dropping a note. Yes, the video may feel a bit too sweet like a commercial for the ultimate spring day, but the music is just as solid as the Yuna we know and love from earlier projects.
Interspersed with vintage-inspired shots of the singer, the video featuring an innocent love story between she and her leading man, is a perfect match for the summer months, and also featuring a laid-back sunny locale, full of lush greenery and flora and a sun-soaked dedication to Yuna's long-distance lover and is sure to brighten any dreary day you encounter. Watch as she runs among the flower beds then lives out a beach-side romance below. If this doesn't put you in summer mood, I don't know what will.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ellie Goulding declares she's gonna let it "Burn"

Just days after the out of nowhere preview of her upcoming single, Ellie Goulding released the new music video for her latest catchy song "Burn," the lead single from the re-releasing 2012's sophomore album, "Halcyon," which will be due out on August 26th with ten new songs. The 26-year-old British singer is currently on tour with Bruno Mars and his 2013 Moonshine Jungle Tour. The Ibiza-style, ecstasy heavy number that will no doubt be a hit with all the sweaty ravers this summer.
Written and produced by Ryan Tedder, "Burn" was first recorded by Leona Lewis during the "Glassheart" sessions. She, however, for some reason let the track pass, till it finally got to Goulding. The anthemic electro pop jam is uplifting and uptempo, a synth-heavy pop song that plants a toe in the EDM world, packed with a fiery chorus with a tonne of mainstream hit potential. It's got those big booming Tedder drums that we all remember so well from when every second song on the radio was produced by the One Republic frontman, a deliciously repetitious hook,  and best of all, Goulding's voice, which is mesmerizing as it constantly flits from hoarse to high and then back again.
"Burn" is undeniably catchy, and Goulding's fragile and angelic vocals blend well with the vibrant dance production. Prepare for Goulding to slay your souls when the chorus hits in. While Goulding's "Burn" is a little more indie-pop sounding, Lewis's breaks into derivative tropical synths on the second verse in an obvious attempt to match the Stargate sound that was such a popular radio staple a few years ago. Her vocal performance is also a lot less inspired than Goulding's, but since Lewis' "Burn" is obviously still in the demo stage, we won't judge her too harshly on that one.
Goulding's voice is certainly one of the most unique and beguiling in pop music, and it's one that sticks with you, without ever resorting to being diva-like. Her vocals are angelic and ethereal, and here, she is surrounded by church bells and lots of computerized layers. Between the closeups, and her dancing as she declares, "We're gonna let it burn, burn, burn," with a swath of effects placed over her voice. The concept of "burning" and "fire" is heavily trafficked territory in pop music so we wish she'd have attempted to traverse a different lyrical route. Overall, "Burn" is not only the chill vibe of this video awesome but her angelic voice makes this song and video very energized and beautiful.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jake Bugg sings "Broken" at an open mic night

British rising star Jake Bugg has unveiled a new video for the new version of his heartfelt ballad "Broken," the originally tune was served as seventh single to be taken from his self-titled eponymous debut album, which topped the UK Albums Chart. Twelve months ago, Bugg was just another teenage songwriter. Now, he's the self-appointed savior of real music, inciting riots wherever he goes. The young and bubbly singer Bugg has already finished half of his second album and is currently touring his album on the festival circuit, which will include performances at Glastonbury, T In The Park and Reading & Leeds.
Bugg is an English folk-rocker from a Nottingham housing project somewhat astonishingly, with songs that seem steeped in The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, The "Chirping" Crickets and A Date With the Everly Brothers. Essentially, Bugg does what countrywomen Adele and Amy Winehouse did with soul: He yokes the spirit and styles of dated genres to the now. No Auto-Tuned gloss here; Bugg's voice sounds more like it was run through a rusty 1950s stage mic than a digital workstation. At the same time, the roof-raising chorus pegs him squarely as a child of Nineties Brit pop. Vivid storytelling helps keep Bugg out of the nostalgia swamp. But for a teenager's debut, Bugg shows an artist who is crazy fully formed, stepping into a journey that should be worth following.
The young singer says his influences are the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Donovan, the Everly Brothers. He teamed up with legendary cross-genre producer Rick Rubin, who has been behind the helm of some hugely iconic albums, the new version of "Broken," is slower, fuller, and full of emotion. It's an incredible step forward for what was already an album highlight. The hymn-like quality of the original is now backed with crisp drums and soulful choirs, whilst Bugg's vocal is his best yet. The kind of shrill ballad that sounds great in the mud and rain for a moment of solace. What starts off as a wistful guitar piece grows into a choir filled cry that is just brilliant! His talent is impressive, but not towering.
The accompanying brand new music video, is a bleak little clip and very fitting for the vibes of the song, sees Bugg just hanging around in an American bar, before he takes to the center stage at an open mic night to perform the guitar-led track. We assume this bar doesn't check IDs at the door, considering the singer is only 19. Watch the 19-year-old rock star sing his heart out in a grungy pool hall, with only a harried waitress to pay him any attention, and prepare to be transfixed by the youthful gent with the old soul.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Justin Timberlake has "Tunnel Vision" for love

Justin Timberlake is doing more than just "bringing sexy back" with his racy new video for his latest single, "Tunnel Vision," the third single off of the 32-year-old singer's comeback album, "20/20 Experience." The seven-minute epic sets a new bar which featuring legions of undulating, nude models has returned to YouTube after it was temporarily removed from the website for its abundance of rear and full frontal female nudity. Timberlake warned his fans about the video on his Twitter account Thursday: "Check out the new video for Tunnel Vision and be ready...it's explicit."
But Timberlake isn't promising us anything other than a very sexy video about how hot and graphic obsession can be, sometimes. The electro-tinged jam "Tunnel Vision," is a mid-tempo R&B song with EDM influences, and it has an instrumentation that features beats assisted by producer Timbaland's signature ad-libs, vocal record-scratches, heavy drums, bass melodies, wide-ranging orchestrations and synths. Lyrically, the song finds Timberlake proclaiming that he has a tunnel vision for the love interest and features several voyeuristic references. The song's lyrics proclaim that the singer is in love.
The song title refers a medical condition in which one cannot see objects other than those straight ahead. Tunnel vision can be caused by glaucoma, alcohol consumption or hallucinogenic drugs, but in this instance the reason is a girl. "A million people in a crowded room," sings Timberlake, "but my camera lens is only set to zoom and it all becomes so clear." "Tunnel Vision" is the crown jewel of "20/20 Experience," the one instance where the ambitious track length sustains the intrigue laid down by the intoxicating, dense funhouse production, and Timberlake's lurid plot of lovelorn obsession.
Directed by Jonathan Craven, Simon McLoughlin and Jeff Nicholas, the video features Timberlake dancing languidly in front of a minimal, white background and bold typography displaying the name of the song, as well as a trio of very naked models writhing around in smoke to the beat of the track and projected onto his face. The set pieces in which projections of Timberlake interact with the nude dancers is a fractured dynamic that mirrors "Tunnel Vision" itself and basically submissive throughout. Is this plagiarism, a knowing-nod, or a coincidence?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Taylor Swift describes her emotions are "Red"

Taylor Swift is celebrating the Fourth of July by releasing a live performance video for her hit song, "Red," the title track of her mega-selling record breaking 2012 album. The 23-year-old country/pop superstar relies on loads of "Red" tour footage to piece together the four-minute visuals, that fittingly kicks off with Swift backstage huddled in a circle with her crew before showing highlights from her sold-out global trek. The clip pastes together highlights from Swift‘s "Red" Tour, concerts and several awards-show performances. Swift proves she can do no wrong by pulling off the seemingly impossible task of making an entertaining and engaging live video.
"Red" is a 16-song geyser of willful eclecticism that's only tangentially related to Nashville. On "Red," Swift once again shares deeply personal songs that begins and ends on romantically hopeful notes. Aside from acting on the impulse to drive former boyfriends aurally insane, "Red" also shows Swift expanding her musical vocabulary. Her lyrics are less likely to take on a petulant tone; she's less apt to play the victim, more willing to own up to a role as willing participant in relationships, even the ones that aren't healthy. "It was almost like an apprenticeship," she says.
The heartbreak song finds Swift playing with the idea of colors in relation to her emotions about a relationship. Before playing the track, Swift explained: "I wrote this song about the fact that some things are just hard to forget, because the emotions involved with them were so intense and, to me, intense emotion is red." Swift decided to name the this song as her album title, as its lyrics encompass the entire theme of the project. "Thinking about what that means to me and all the different emotions that are written about on this album - they're all pretty much about the tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships that I've experienced in the last two years, All those emotions spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion in my mind, all those emotions are red."
In selecting the footage that goes into the final video, Swift chose her favorite moments from her tour, which were so many she can't say if any which one stood out as the highlight. "I'm so excited that the new video for 'Red' comes out this evening! Also very excited about all the red, white, & blue happening tomorrow," Swift tweeted to announce the premiere of the new clip a day before Independence Day. As expected, there were splashes of red, as Swift embraces her inner-rock chick, whipping her golden mane and riffing on the guitar like the lead singer in an '80s hair band with her back-up dancers, but all throughout the video, everywhere the camera pans out, there the crowds are, enjoying the concert.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Snoop Lion & Rita Ora escape from "Torn Apart"

Broken hearts don't matter when you're in paradise. And for Snoop Lion and Rita Ora, who made an escape to a tropical paradise where they soak up the Thai culture, sun, water, and dance on the beach in the feel-good video for their rosy-sounding heartbreak duet, "Torn Apart," which appearing on Snoop's latest 12th studio album, "Reincarnated," which has released in April, and marked a departure for Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. from his days of Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion. The album, which focused on a reggae sound rather than Snoop's traditional rap vibe.
The 41-year-old reborn reggae musician has steadily rolled out new records and definitely settled into his new persona with fully embraced the laid-back vibe of reggae music. A definite cross-cultural experience, with the reggae sounds and Southeast Asian scenery, "Torn Apart" is a light-hearted summer tune. The 22-year-old British-Kosovo singer's strong vocals provide a great contrast to Snoop's chilled singsong verses and the track's thumping horns. The summery visual goes really well with this reggae-infused track and captures the song's mellow and relaxed groove as the two convene with a crew of indigenous dancers where they all shake it to the reggae-tinged beat.
Shot instagram-style and live from Thailand, the video begins with Snoop and Rita cozying up at a bar during their exotic getaway, recalling their fond memories of an amazing summer gone by in a black-and-white vintage filter. The clip quickly changes to color footage of the duo frolicking on the idyllic picturesque beaches and tropical scenery, mingling with the local traditional dancers and doing summery things like playing in the waves, throwing back brewskies, and jamming to some warm weather-appropriate reggae, while some Thai kickboxers working out in a swimming pool - perhaps an homage to Thai culture?
As the Major Lazer-crafted beat pulsates in the background, the energetic songstress wears a series of floaty summer outfits, jewels and bikinis seems to have got into the holiday spirit, is evidently enjoying herself and also manages to hop onto the back of an elephant for a quick ride, and swimming underwater, while the video also features the two write their names in the sand, then the video switches back to black-and-white with Snoop waking up as if from a dream. It's pretty much your perfect "fun in the sun" dream Thai vacation, only with perfect bodies and probably a five-star resort to go home to when you're profusely sweating and craving some air conditioning.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jillette Johnson stays true to herself "Cameron"

Showcasing a viable array of musical and lyrical inspiration, our favorite find of late, Jillette Johnson has released the video for her emotion evoking "Cameron," about a transgendered boy is a great way for this vocal power house to put herself on the map. The piano-pop ballad was appeared on the singer-songwriter's five-track EP, "Whiskey & Frosting," which came out last August and reveals Johnson's pensive reflections on the world around her, all of which lead to a deeper understand of self-identity. "Cameron" is also the lead single from her latest new outstanding début album, "Water In A Whale," just out a week ago, June 25 via Wind-Up Records.
The journey for New York native Johnson has been as integral to her musical experience as the destination with her sultry, thoughtful piano-driven tunes. The musician, now 23, has spent the last decade cultivating her sound and defining her unique perspective. Her inspirational number "Cameron," is getting a ton of hype for it's story line which explores the struggle of being transgender and gives an inspiring voice about remaining true to one's authentic self. "Cameron" tells the story of a "real live human" in a "world full of aliens." The bravely vulnerable "Cameron" explores the struggle of a transgendered person and transpires a universal anthem for staying true to oneself. At its fundamental core, "Cameron" is about making tough choices to be authentic; a definite thematic thread in Johnson's life.
Written both from personal experience with someone the musician knows and from the idea of what it means to grapple with who you are. "I didn't know I was going to write about a transgendered boy, the words just came out and I thought, 'Oh, this is about someone trying be someone they don't appear to be,'" Johnson reveals. "There is a sensation I get when I want to create. I have energy coursing through my veins, and I just let my hands fall and run with it. I don't always know the initial reference point, but then I go back and make sense of what I'm saying. It's pure subconscious inspiration and relentless editing. 'Cameron' ended up being inspired by a transgendered kid I'm close with, but the song also captures the need to feel at home in your own skin." The glowing number focuses on what it means to be authentic to one's self, a universal theme.
The clip follows the story of "Cameron," who seems of the male sex but identifies with the female gender. "Cameron" locks the bedroom door and unlocks the box of "girl" items. Sporting make-up, a pink wig, and a sundress, "Cameron" then gears up in a spacesuit to head outside. With suit hooked up to Johnson's piano, her music fuels "Cameron" out into the world. The suit later comes off as the chorus repeats "the world is full of aliens but you are a human." How many times have you gone out in a spacesuit? Johnson is singing for everyone in bat suits and clown suits like, and insecurities they may represent. We're human and this is our space. We don't need special equipment to be, and we shouldn't make others or ourselves feel like that basic right isn't true.